Win INR 1000/ USD $15, INR 750/ USD $12 and INR 500/ USD $8 cash prizes or gift vouchers! (Total INR 2250/ $35 monthly)

The main focus on this contest of writing about “Your Say” or “Review” a product like phone, laptop, computers; movies, books, locations like tourist places, holy places; travel, sports, politics, stocks, business, general titles etc. (Read the rules below before participation).
  1. Write your say or review in 100 to 150 words about the below book. This is hot selling book at Amazon and other online leading sellers! Click Here or on the image to know!


Fill the form and write below on any one of the above title shown in picture!

Terms and Conditions:

–No registration required. But you must have a valid email id and phone number etc. to fill during submission of reviews etc. PayPal id is must for residents outside India.
–This is monthly contest. Every month first week the results will be announced and the cheque of equivalent gift voucher will be sent to your place.
–There may be one or more titles for the review or your say -about 100 to 150 words only.
–You can submit for one title only at a time; that means do not take more than one time as the duplication or two or more submissions/ nick names or incorrect data etc will reject from that month contest.
–If you are a student, then you will get more cash or equivalent gift vouchers etc than others. But you must send your student id proof for higher winning. Others enter proper address and phone during submission in the required boxes of form.
–Three best reviews / your say will be considered for 1, 2 and 3rd places. First prize is cash of 1000 INR/ $15 or equivalent gift/ voucher. Second prize is 750 INR/ $12 or equivalent of gift/ voucher and the third prize is 500 INR/ $8 or equivalent gift/ voucher. Cash prize will be send through cheque only.
–Any kind of misusing the system or writing against nation or ethical or cultural or core values of anything will block you permanently from the contest. So be the best and participate actively.
–Best review(s) or your say will be displayed depending on the decision taken from zodiac services.
–ZodiacServices may cancel this contest/submissions without prior notice at anytime if necessary. Rules can be changed without any intimation depending on the decisions. You can participate for the monthly contest from 1st to end of the month.
–Sometimes there may be links about the title which will take you to different sites to read or know about the products etc. You may google on any title to collect data for your reviews basically, but do not copy from the other portals.

 Wish you good luck!