Mandrigam is simple and direct method of chanting & writing mantras plus writing yantras to do certain prayogam (calling angels/ deities) for good reasons like stopping enemies, diverting or removing bad powers or evil attacks into different direction or destroying evils / bad elements, business improvement, longevity, uniting good people or family members, resolving problems in families (like husband & wife), curing diseases, prosperity, abundance etc.

Generally people misunderstand about mandrigam due to fake advertisements and propagandas; simply by having fear that the mandrigam is mainly used to do bad things like black magic etc. Certainly not. Removal of black magical effects and bad devatas (bad or evil powers) also can be performed by mandrigam.

There are many good people who learn and do mandrigam in a good way to serve the mankind. They do wonders with the help of certain angelic powers or God directly. All the religious teachings are having mandrigam and it is not only specific or narrowed down to a single community. It is worldwide and everyone can do mandrigam to safeguard themselves and others too. Hindus, Christians and Muslims etc anyone can learn and simply do good things by taking permission from God.

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