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Stocks /Shares – trading has proven to be one of the most profitable areas to which every individual investor/trader with any money to invest. There are many shares that are priced very low that allow even a small time investor to get started onboard to financial/ investment freedom. While most investors/traders do not suddenly realize a profit that is conducive to their quitting their full-time employment, there is a definite potential in the share trading marketplace to add a reasonable/even more amount to your short/ mid/ long term earnings. Zodiac Services is providing only equity stocks recommendations for all the calls for short/ mid or long term only. If you have bank account, trading/ demat account with a broker like ICICI or HDFC etc please start your trading.


Stocks – Recommendations!
Please do not take these stocks for derivatives like futures & options or intraday which are having high risks. We are also not recommending any commodities / forex trading. Though the equity price hits stop loss sometimes, you can still hold the stocks for dividend or bonus etc and in long terms surely the price will go high and you will be having company share (piece of company). Stick on to short / mid or long term equities where the risks are very low and having more benefits as given below in “Stocks and Benefits” area. If there is a stock split or merging stocks, then the price value changes accordingly. Check with the broker or the trading account to know the exact details.

Strictly follow the targets though the stock is really excellent fundamentally. You can hold equities stocks for very long terms in years which will give you more benefits. Do not buy the stock if it is going down too much. You have to wait for the stock price to consolidate at one stage and go up.

Legal Disclaimer: It is purely at/ with investors’ risk to invest in stocks/shares. Zodiac Services is not responsible for any of your loss/ liability as everything is subject to market conditions.

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Stocks and Benefits!

As you realize, there are a number of short-term and long-term benefits to share trading, and we will look at some of them as follows.

One of the most profitable short-term/long-term benefits of investing are the receiving of dividends from your shares. Dividends are paid out monthly, quarterly, and sometimes annually – depending on the company and their share trading guidelines/policies. (Example Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc companies). But you should have their shares in your demat account on the day when the payout given.

Dividends are generally based on a percentage of the net profit earned by a company. When publicly traded corporations experience a high volume of sales (ex-Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Tata Motors, Airtel etc), investors profit as well as the business. This increase of profit can also be caused by the share’s gain in popularity and public acquisition /attainment. So, investing in companies who pay out regular dividends to their investors/shareholders is a guaranteed way to make your share trading profile work for you.

Some companies regularly give bonus shares like 1:1 or 1:2 etc. That means if you have 100 shares of TCS and if the company gives 1:1 bonus then you will get 100 more shares in your account. (But immediately after bonus the price will come down. Don’t be exited!!! It is just stock split.  It will go up again)

Future earning potential on shares held by corporations that are continually progressing in their success. Stocks can change dramatically over the course of 3-5 years or even more, and that means huge profit when you sell your shares in the future.

The ability to use it as security in the event you need to acquire any type of loan from banks or any finance companies. Loan that is backed by an impressive stock portfolio is generally subject to significantly lower interest rates!

If you hold shares for more than 1 year, there is big tax benefit like no need to pay tax for the profit getting after one year.

Investments on stocks (shares) held for 1 or more years can be shown as supporting for income tax when you declare or file tax return.

When you hold a particular company stocks, you automatically become share-holder of the company (even if you have 1 share!!!) and if they want to roll back from the stock market, then they have to pay the amount that you claim and buy.